“United States Marine charged with harassment/domestic violence in Routt County had all charges dismissed after hiring the Ethos team of Emily Kelley and Harper Louden. The defendant was charged and arrested and five days later, all charges were dropped and a Motion to Dismiss was signed by the Judge.”

“Working with Ethos was an exceptionally satisfying experience. The team there makes you feel important. Not only was Ethos easy to work with, they were effective. Thanks, Ethos, for your due diligence and hard work! I’m very happy with my results and look forward to working with you in the future.”

“Emily is very professional and always ensures that her customer is satisfied. I would definitely encourage using her services.”

“Profession and compassionate. Just the combo you want representing you. Best in the Boat!!”

Original Charges: Criminal Trespass, Possession of a Controlled Substance, Criminal Trespass, Vehicular Eluding, DUI, Criminal Mischief, Reckless Driving.
Outcome: Pled guilty to Criminal Trespass and Vehicular Eluding – received suspended sentence to Community Corrections pending successful completion of inpatient treatment.

“We found Emily Kelley and Harper Louden and they came right away and met with me at the Routt County Jail and were very honest and willing to take on my crazy situation. I almost fainted when the Judge ruled in our favor. I am forever grateful for all of the hard work Emily and Harper put in with my loved ones and others. Emily and Harper are now a part of my family and I hope they are proud of the real difference they have made! Thank you so much Emily and Harper, I will continue to try to make a difference in others’ lives just as you did for me.”